spacepearls (spacepearls) wrote,

Day 1 - 200 calories.

 Okay so here it goes. 

I need to get my body back. I feel absolutely disgusting every morning when I awake. It doesn't help that my boyfriend is anorexic and is thinner than I am. I need to be more like him. He says I am perfect but I wish I could be just like him. 

So today I'm starting this new diet I've been reading about. It's called the 2-4-6-8 diet. I'm really going to try this time. No excuses. I need to set a goal in mine because that always seem to help me. 

I want to try this for two weeks and see what kind of results I get. May 7th. I can do this. 

Today I woke up around 7:30 and had a Slim-Rite about an hour ago. That's already 170 calories. Only 30 calories to go. I can do this.

For myself and for him.

I have only had a Slim-Rite shake, a plum, and a piece of 35 calorie toast with honey. That equals out to about 240 calories...a little over my limit but I'm still pleased. I worked out and burned about 150 calories.  

Fuckin A. binge binge bingebingebinge bingebing eoeinfgvp'andsv;ckanms

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