Day 1 - 200 calories.

 Okay so here it goes. 

I need to get my body back. I feel absolutely disgusting every morning when I awake. It doesn't help that my boyfriend is anorexic and is thinner than I am. I need to be more like him. He says I am perfect but I wish I could be just like him. 

So today I'm starting this new diet I've been reading about. It's called the 2-4-6-8 diet. I'm really going to try this time. No excuses. I need to set a goal in mine because that always seem to help me. 

I want to try this for two weeks and see what kind of results I get. May 7th. I can do this. 

Today I woke up around 7:30 and had a Slim-Rite about an hour ago. That's already 170 calories. Only 30 calories to go. I can do this.

For myself and for him.

I have only had a Slim-Rite shake, a plum, and a piece of 35 calorie toast with honey. That equals out to about 240 calories...a little over my limit but I'm still pleased. I worked out and burned about 150 calories.  

Fuckin A. binge binge bingebingebinge bingebing eoeinfgvp'andsv;ckanms

I [heart] zombies.


So lately I've been a little


I've been daydreaming too much about the life I wish I had. And I've been a bit to occupied with the undead. I'm on this horror movie zombie kick, and I can't seem to shake it off.

Save me.


I love you. I love your mind. I love your curiosity. I love the simplicity of your thought process. I love that you care about animals. I love the way it feels when we lay so close, I can feel your heart. I love that you love adventures. I love your logic. I love your passion. I think that's what I love most about you.

But you don't love me. I can't keep telling myself that you do, and I won't put us through this any longer.

Oh, what I wouldn't give...

This is where I need to be.
This is where I should be. Where I feel like I belong.

I visited this tiny tea shop today called Escape. It's my new favorite place. There was a fairy tale castle painted high on the wall, caked in glitter. A tree creeping up the ceiling until you reach a massive waterfall shooting down into the Earth. They have delightful jasmine milk tea and any type of muffin you can dream of. Greek busts of superior gods, dynamic and fulfilled, resting on the walls. Books, pebbles, paper-winged lights, and smiling faces also filled this wondrous dreamland.

I worry about this girl. She lives far away and I think she feels like she withering away. I want her to know that people care for her. I want her to understand that things will get better. I want her to eat magnificent dishes and have a happy, full belly. Drink tea, read novels, go to shows, spin around, and run in fields.

I just want her happy.

Why So Serious?

The Dark Knight is



Heath Ledger's performance is legendary. Kudos to him. Christian Bale is beautiful and portrays Batman amazingly...all dark and brooding like he should be.


Just go see it. now.

No Harry and the Potters for me.

So, tomorrow I start at Cafe Brazil. And I'm really nervous. Why am I so nervous? Because I'm finally escaping the suffocating grasp my other job has had on me for the past three years? Who knows. I guess it's not that big of a deal. Onward and out, as Peter Pan would say. ...didn't he say that?

I think I'm going to start reading:

when I find the time between learning about
the pyloric sphincter and wishing I were someplace else, of course.